Gilroy DNA Project
I have started a Gilroy DNA project in an attempt to find related Gilroys, determine how many different Gilroy lines (related or not) there are, whether the names said to descend from the Irish Mac Giolla Rua are connected at all, and to possibly find out just where in Ireland my Gilroys were from.

My greatgrandfather Edward (Ned) Gilroy came to the US in the early 1870s as a young man, possibly still in his teens. His brother Peter also came to the US.  Both settled in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  You can read about my Gilroy family

The project now has two members: one my first cousin and the second a Gilroy whose direct ancestors were from Jamaica and Cuba, presumably sent there in Cromwellian times in the 1600s.

We are actively seeking new members to develop a good database of dna results for comparison and study.

Both Gilroy project members to data are in haplogroup R1b1.  Both look very similar to other Irish who are R1b1c, with no "downstream" snps identified to data. 

Results todate can be seen at

There is a lot happening in dna studies currently, including some recently found snps (single nucleotide polymorphisms!!) that are thought to contribute to an understanding of R1b development in western Europe vs eastern Europe.