Other Gilroy Brothers
A third brother, Michael, stayed in Ireland although some of his children came to Luzerne County, PA.

Bridget Gilroy, daughter of Michael, married John Clarke and lived in Duryea. The youngest daughter of Bridget Gilroy and John Clarke, Rose Clarke Regan, lived in Avoca and helped my Uncle William Gilroy gather some of the initial family history.

John Gilroy, her brother, also lived in Duryea, Luzerne County.
The elderlywoman in the chair is Mary Barrett Gilroy, widow of Peter Gilroy. The woman standing to the right of the picture is Theresa Gilroy Reed, daughter of Mary and Peter Gilroy.  The man in the back is William Carney, husband of Agnes Gilroy Carney. The woman to his right is the wife of Joseph Reed, son of Theresa Gilroy Reed. The children are Reeds and Carneys, grandchildren of Peter and Mary Barrett Gilroy.
Joseph Reed, Mary Barret Gilroy and Theresa Gilroy Reed

Joseph has a strong resemblance to Edward Gilroy, my grandfather. Edward and Theresa - Joseph's mother - were first cousins.
Edward Gilroy Senior
            Family of Peter Gilroy and Mary Barrett Gilroy
     1900 Census    Rock Street, Pittston, Luzerne County PA

  Mary and Peter’s children were all born in Pennsylvania

Bridget  24, born April 1876
Michael 22 born September 1877 day labor coal mine
James 20 born August 1879 coal miner
Teresa 19, born December 1880
Mary 17, born July 1882
Edward 14, July 1885 slate picker coal mine
Peter 11,born August 1888
Hugh 10, born October 1889
Agnes 5, March 1895
Patrick 2, March 1898
Agnes Gilroy Carney, daughter of Peter and Mary Barrett Gilroy, and her son Hugh
Pittston Gazette Mar 17, 1899

Anthony BARRETT, one of the oldest and best known residents of Cork Lane, died very suddenly about three o’clock Tuesday morning. He was born in Ireland but resided in Cork Lane for about 40 years. He is survived by his wife and one daughter, Mrs. Peter GILROY, of Cork Lane.