Gilroy's of Avoca, Luzerne County, PA
Edward Gilroy Jr. of Avoca PA Husband of Bridget McHale Gilroy.
Bridget McHale
Bridget McHale - "Maroy" - about 1954
Edward and Bridget married in 1911. Edward was a widower with two small children, Mary and Joseph. Edward's first wife, Catherine Maloney of Avoca, died in 1910. A third child, Helen, died as an infant.

Mary ("Mae") and Joe stayed with Edward's parents, Edward Sr. and Mary Kelly for a time after their mother died at their home on South Street in Avoca. The children didn't like it there. They slept on the third floor and had to carry a lantern upstairs, which frightened them.  Their  Grandmother Mary Kelly Gilroy was born in Ireland in 1843, which means she was their for the Great Famine. She probably felt they were fortunate to have a house AND a lantern, let alone a bedroom on a third floor! Their father brought them home.

Edward then hired a series of housekeepers to help with the children so that he could go to work. One housekeeper walked from Dupont to Avoca every morning!

Edward was employed as a blacksmith for the coal company.

At one time, prior to CAtherine Maloney Gilroy's death, Bridget had been employed as her nurse. Eventually, family history tells the story that the priest at Saint Marys Church in Avoca got Edward and Bridget together. They were married and had 7 children:

William (married Helen Coyne)
Alice (married Arthur Pettingill)
Mildren (married John "Jack" Teplir)
Anna (married John Carey)
Edward Jr. "Ted" - Teddy died at the age of 7 in a fire
Katherine (married John "Jack" Dunn and Thomas Robinson)
Lenore (married James Oliver)

Mary (Mae) never married.
Joseph married Mary Gorman.
Born 1879 in Avoca, PA
Died September 27, 1932
Born June 8, 1886 in Avoca, PA
Died December 1, 1954
Gilroy Kids
Maroy with baby, Edward, Mae
Edward Joseph Gilroy Jr.
Teddy Gilroy
Anne Gilroy Carey
As much as possible, each of the 9 Gilroy children will have a page.
Joseph Gilroy
Lenore Gilroy Oliver