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         Thomas J. Kelly Obituary

Scranton Republican December 19 1890

          Death of Thomas J. Kelly

Thomas J. Kelly, father of ex- School Controller M. J.Kelly, died at his home yesterday morning at 1:50. Deceased was born in Ireland in 1823 and emigrated to this country in 1844, coming directly to this city, where he has lived ever since. Scranton was a hamlet when he came here, and in the period between his young manhood and his death he has observed its development into a great city, contributig his full share of energy and industry to its growth. he was an honest and industrious man, of strong religious convictions and a worth citizen who dealt squarely with everybody, made no enemies and had a host of friends. His wife survives him and two sons, Messrs.M.J. and John E., both of the seventh ward.The funeral will take place tomorrow morning at 10 o'clockfrom the residenceof deceased, 343 Phelps Street. Solemn requiem mass at St.Peter's Cathedral. Internment in Dunmore Catholic Cemetery. Thomas J.Kelly was married to Bridget Hughes. He owned Keefe's market. His son M.J., born 1853 in Scranton, took over the business and turned it into a baking company. It was situated on Capouse Avenue, Scranton.

Edward J. Gilroy, Sr. married Mary Kelly Reap in 1877. Mary was a widow with 5 sons, John, James, Patrick, Peter and Anthony Reap. Mary had lived in Pittston with her husband Patrick Reap. Mary moved to Avoca,PA with Edward where they had 4 children: Michael (1878), Edward (1879), Mary and Bridget. In the 1870 census Mary, age 30,  was living in Pittston with Patrick Reap and 3 sons, John, James, and Peter. Also living with them was Julia Kine (Coyne?) age 40. Julia is believed to be Mary's sister.

Mary Kelly was the youngest child of John Kelly of County Mayo Ireland. It is believed that John married twice. John Kelly's children were: Thomas, James, Anthony, Martin, Patrick, Mary, Julia and Michael. According to her death certificate, Mary's mother was Mary McGurn of Ireland.

James B. KELLY, 1839-1916, was married to Margaret COULTER, 1846-1929.  He was a coal miner.  Siblings include Thomas J., married to Bridget Hughes, Anthony E., 1825-1907,of  Scranton; John, 1834-1907, of Pittston; Martin n.d., of Scranton; Patrick, 1838-1901,of Pittston; Mary Reap Gilroy, of Avoca; Julia Kine and possibly Michael, n.d.
                                                    Michael J. Kelly (M.J.)

     Portrait and Bibliographical Record of Lackawanna County, PA, NY: Chapman Pub. Co. 1897.

Michael J. Kelley, one of the energetic business men of Scranton and formerly president of the board of school control, was born in this city September 3, 1853, and is a son of Thomas J. and Bridget (Hughes) Kelley.  His father, a native of Ireland, came to Pennsylvania in boyhood and for some time lived in Honesdale, Wayne County, but in 1846 settled in Scranton, where he was employed by the Lackawanna and Western Iron & Coal Company.  In 1857 he went to Minnesota and for seven years cultivated a farm near St. Paul, but in 1864 returned to Scranton, and seven years afterward embarked in the grocery business on Phelps Street, continuing the same until his death in 1890, at the age of sixty-seven.  His widow is still living in this city.  He was the son of John Kelley, a farmer of Ireland, who brought his family to the United States, settled in Scranton and died here when eighty-four years old.

The family of Thomas J. Kelley consisted of three children who attained years of maturity, and of these two are living, our subject being the elder.  He was reared in Scranton and St. Paul and received a fair education in the public schools.  At the age of ten he began working around the Delaware and Hudson mines, later was employed with the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Company in the Diamond mines, and was then apprenticed as a machinist in the shops, continuing five years with the company.  He finally abandoned work as a machinist and took a position as salesman with Leonard Bros., hardware merchants, in whose interests he traveled through this valley for more than a year.  Afterward he took charge of his father's grocery business, which he has since conducted in his own name.

In 1887, forming a partnership with M.J. Ruddy, under the firm name of Ruddy & Kelley, our subject built a bakery on the corner of Capouse Avenue and Ash Street., where he began in the bakery business and the manufacture of cakes and crackers.  After twenty months he sold out and built at Nos. 1031-33 Capouse Avenue, where he has established a large trade in crackers, cakes, confectionery and ice cream.  He has a large oven with the capacity for one hundred and fifty barrels of crackers per day.  There is an elevator connecting with the second floor, where the confectionery is kept.  As a caterer for parties and dinners his services are in demand, the quality of his service being first-class and in every way satisfactory.  He ships goods throughout the south and west, and furnishes employment to fifty-five hands.
      Obituary of Anthony Kelly

Scranton Times, July 30,1907


Passed Away at His Home on Monroe Avenue Last Evening

Mr. Anthony E. KELLY, a well-known and highly respected citizen, passed away last evening at 6 o'clock, at his residence on Mineral Street, after a week's illness. He was 82 years of age and is survived by the following brothers and sister: James B. KELLY, Martin KELLY and Mrs. Edward GILROY, of Avoca.

Funeral announcement will be made later.

Scranton Times, August 1, 1907

The funeral of Anthony KELLY was held this morning from the family residence, 606 Mineral Street, and was largely attended. A mass of requiem was celebrated at the Cathedral, following which the body was borne to the Cathedral cemetery, for internment. The pallbearers were: M.J. KELLY, M. J. GILROY, Edward GILROY, J.F. KELLY, P.W. REAP, and John REAP.
           Obituary of James B. Kelly

From the Scranton Times, Jan. 15, 1916

The funeral of James B. Kelly, an old resident of the Pine Brook section took place this morning from the family residence, on Ash Street, and was one of the largest held in that section in some time, hundreds visiting the house for over an hour previous to the departure for the church, and throngs followed the remains to St. Peter's cathedral and to the graveside in the cathedral cemetery.  A solemn high mass of requiem was celebrated at 9:30 o'clock, the Rev. Martin C. King, assisted by the Rev. J. J. McGucken, as deacon, and the Rev. Dr. A. J. Brennan, as subdeacon.  The casket-bearers were: Patrick SPELLMAN, Patrick MURRAY, Brian DOLAN, John KELLY, Peter LYNN and Patrick McPartland.
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Patrick Kelly,brother of Mary Kelly Gilroy and greatgrandfather of Jack Teplir and Ned Lynn
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