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Clann Ceile History-continued
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Succession of Bishops

A.D. 434-441(?) St. Muredach, a disciple of St. Patrick, and one of his companions, was appointed by him the first Bishop of his Church of Killala; and received consecration accordingly. We do not know the exact time of his appointment, nor how long he sat, nor who succeeded him for the next hundred years. O’Donovan is of opinion, that this Muireadach cannot have been the first Bishop, seeing that his received pedigree would place him nearly two centuries too late. (Hy-Fiachrach, p. 228) Perhaps there were two prelates of the same name.  (Cotton, p. 61)”

“534 to 544? Kellach, the son of a King of Connaught, is said to have been Bishop of Killala, between these years. “He was murdered by his fosterers, near a place called Adergoole, and the murderers were torn in pieces by wild horses.” (Harris.)   (Cotton, p. 61)”

“During this long hiatus in the line of prelates of Killala, we hear (from the poet Giolla Iosa Mor Mac Firbis), of seven Bishops of one noted family, the O’Maolfoghmhairs, descendants of King Laoghgaire, monarch of Ireland, in the fifth century; who according to O’Donovan, were the Herenachs, or hereditary wardens, of the church of Killala. Their names are as follows but we know nothing of the order of their incumbency.

v Mo Cele O’Maolfoghmhair
v Aengus Mac Cele (O’M)
v Muireacach Mac Cele (O’M)
v Aodh Mac Cele (O’M)
v Ainmtheach Mac Cele (O’M)
v Maolan Mac Cele (O’M)
v Flann Mac Cele (O’M)

“O’Donovan remarks that these Mac Celes “of the Clann Cele” were probably the family now called Mac Hale, p. 50.   (Cotton, p. 61-62)”

“1151. O’Maolfoghmhair (probably one of the above-named seven), “called Bishop of Tir Amalgaidh and O’Fiachrach,”, died. (Ware.) This name is now Anglicized into Milford. (O’Donovan.)   (Cotton, p.62)”

The Coarb of St. Caillin, Gilla-na-naev Mac Cele, died in the monastery of Maethail (Mohill, County Leitrim).
Annals of Ulster
Cal. Jan. (Mond., m24)  A.D. 489 (4694) Rest of MacCaille, the bishop.   This is the saint whose feast day is April 25th, who placed the veil on Saint Bridget; his church was at Cruacan-Brig-Eile, in Ui-Failge (i.e. near the well known Hill of Croghan).

Fahan Donegal

The Mac Céile’s and O Donaills were coarbs at Fahan in Donegal

Tribes and Customs of the Hy-Fiachrach (O’Donovan)

Race of Laoghaire:

Eochaidh Muighmheadhoin, Monarch of Ireland 358

ß Fiachra Follsnathach, a quo the Hy-Fiachrach
ß Dathi, Monarch of Ireland, 407
ß Eochaidh Breac
ß Laoghaire
ß Hy-Eachach of the Moy
ß O’Maoilfaghmhair      possibly 1100-1200s

“Of the race of Laoghaire also are the Hy-Eachach of the Moy, with their correlatives, and the family of O'Maoilfaghhair, comharbas of Cill Ealaidh (Killala), in Tir Eachach, or Hy-Eachach of the Moy, of whom were these seven holy bishops, viz, Mo Cele O'Maoilfahmhair, the Bishop, Muireadhach the Bishop, Aodh the Bishop, Ainmtheach the Bishop, Maolan the Bishop, and Flann the Lecturer, i.e., a pious Bishop of the Clann Cele.  (O’Donovan, p. 51).” 

“Hy-Eachach Muaidhe extends from Ros Serce (Rosserk) to Fearsad Tresi. These are its tribes, viz, O'Maoilfahmhair, comharbas of Cill Allaidh O'Leannain, O'Ciaidhchen, O'Laitile, O'Mochain, O'Maoilaithhen, O'Broduibh, and O'Maoilbhrenuinn. (O’Donovan, p. 165).”

Tribes and Customs of the Hy-Fiachrach, P. 227 and 228

"Hy-Eathach Muaidhe of the plans
Extends to Ros Seirce of the bright streams
To Fearsad Treisi, north
A pass of most powerful hosts,

The O'Mailfaghmhairs who prepared the banquets,
The O'Leanains, full vigorous heroes,
Not decrepid are the hosts of the soil;
Of the descendants of Laeghaire I speak.
Of the O'Mailfoghhairs, who violated not bells,
Were the seven bishops of Patrick's city,
And seven who were strongly elected
in the choir (chapter) who came around them.

The O'Criaidhcheins of goodly plight,
The lofty-proud O'Flaitilies,
The O'Mochains who have not forsaken you, once,
Who were the causeway of the learned of Erin.

These are the Hy-Eachach of the steeds,
A people who have spoken only a just sentence,
This fair tribe have a lofty mind,
They are the most expert host I mention."