The family of William McHale and Bridget Moran McHale lived on a farm just outside
of the village of Lahardane in the townland of Cum. Cum is on a small road off to the
right directly past Lahardane. Cum consists of several farms.

According to the information handed down from William and Honor McHale,
the McHale family had lived in Cum for centuries. The information handed down
in the family was that the father of William McHale Senior was Walter McHale. William
McHale Junior (my greatgrandfather) had a sister Mary McHale who was known locally
as Mary Walts due to being descended from Walter McHale and to distinguish her from
other Mary McHale's in the area.

The records of Addergoole Parish show the following children born to William McHale and Bridget Moran:

Walter McHale   December 24, 1848   Sponsors Thomas Barrett and Honor McHale
Michael McHale December 1, 1850     Sponsors William Donnelly and Cecilia ???ally
Martin McHale   October 10, 1856       Sponsors Patrick McHale and Bridget Magdan
William McHale July 5, 1859                 Sponsors Patrick McHale and Bridget Lavelle

Michael and Martin went to the USA, first to Luzerne County, Pennsylvania then to Colorado, either to Aspen or Denver. Apparently they wanted William and his family to go with them but William had been injured in the mines in Pennsylvania and stayed in Avoca, Pennsylvania. We are still looking for the families of Michael and Martin.

Other children born to William and Bridget include:

Patrick McHale, the oldest, was born approximately 1847/ Mary McHale born approximately 1866. Mary's and Patrick's
births are not in the church register. Their birth years are estimated from the 1901 and 1911 censuses.

Patrick, Mary and Walter are listed in the 1901 census in Cum with their mother, Bridget.

McHale Bridget
(75) farmer
   Patrick(46) son/not married
   Walter(42) son/not married  Walter is reported as widowed in the 1911 census.
   Mary(35) dtr./seamstress/not married

Also in Cum for the 1901 census is the following McHale Family:

MacHale Patrick(65) ex teacher
Anne(54) wife
Mary(31) needle work teacher
Michael (24) farmer
Anthony(27) tailor deaf + dumb
Patrick(21) teacher
John M.(19) tailor deaf + dumb
Sarah Ellen(14)

Patrick was most likely a brother of William Senior.

After the death of William and Honor McHale, my grandmother Bridget McHale Gilroy stayed in touch by letter with the McHale family in Cum. In approximately 1927, William's sister Mary wrote to Bridget to say that she wanted to leave her share of the farm to my Uncle Bill Gilroy. Maroy did not want to let Bill, who was only about 15, go to Ireland to run the farm. Mary ultimately sold her share of the farm. Patrick left his to his cousin Michael McHale, presumably the son of Patrick McHale listed in the 1901 census. Mary told Bridget she did not want to leave her share to Bridget's cousin Michael McHale. Mary left her small farm to a family who cared for her. Mary was living with that family when she passed away.  This Michael was apparently from Crossmolina (1901 census) according to current residents of Lahardane, but was related to the McHales of Cum.

Michael married Ellen Donohue of Cum. My Uncle Bill Gilroy visited Lahardane a few times and met with Ellie Donohue McHale, Michael's widow. Ellie told Uncle Bill that her husband Michael was related to our McHales.

Michael and Ellen Donohue McHale are buried at Addergoole (Knockmaria) cemetery; Ellen's mother Ellen McHale Donohue, is buried there as well.

The family of William and Bridget Moran McHale and other family members are apparently buried in the grave marked:

                                                               McHale Family of Cum

Ellen Donahue McHale was the daughter of David Donohue and Ellen Donohue.  David was first married to Kathryn Moyles. After her death, David married Ellen McHale.  A daughter of David and Kathryn Moyles Donohue and Ellen's sister - Bridget Donohue - died on the Titanic.
Lahardane/Lahardaun William and Honor McHale Family of Wm and Honor

Father Patrick J. McHale Quinns of Cuilnakillew and Avoca,PA
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